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Criminal Law

Whether you are prosecuted or a victim, Romain Lehmann ensures your defense at any stage of the criminal proceedings and before all criminal courts.
Romain Lehmann deals with common law offences, but also criminal business law and criminal labor law.

  • Free hearing

  • Jail

  • Summons before a criminal court

  • Penal composition or penal order

  • Appearance on Preliminary Recognition of Guilt (CRPC)

  • Opening and follow-up of judicial information

  • Hearing before the Investigating Judge

  • Sentencing judge...

  • Criminal complaint

  • Survey follow-up

  • Constitution of civil party

  • direct quote

  • Determination of damages suffered

  • Liquidation of damages

  • Referral to the Compensation Commission for Crime Victims (CIVI) ...

Droit pénal

Insurance and civil liability

Holder of a master degree in insurance law, Romain Lehmann intervenes in any dispute between insurer and insured. Does your insurance contract multiply exceptions, exclusions and limitations? A lawyer can save you from these pitfalls.
Civil liability is the law of the contract or of any fact which engages the responsibility of a third party. Romain Lehmann intervenes in litigation for any disturbance in the neighborhood, liability for direct or indirect fault, in compensation for your damage or in defence.

  • Disclaimer of warranty

  • Warranty Disclaimer

  • Proportional reduction of the insurance indemnity

  • Conclusion / termination of contract

  • Misrepresentation of insurance risk

  • Insurance intermediation

  • Disaster management (fire, water damage, storm...) ...

  • Traffic accident (Badinter law)

  • Neighborhood troubles

  • Failure to advise

  • Safety obligation

  • Problem of latent defects

  • Lack of conformity

  • Violations of consent...

Assurance et responsabilité civile

Commercial litigation

With significant experience in a business law firm, Romain Lehmann intervenes in litigation for any issue related to your commercial exercise, either with for any dispute with a partner/supplier/customer, but also in debt collection, disputes between associates. Romain Lehmann punctually ensures the holding of your general meetings and changes of statutes within the framework of the management of your companies and advises on the drafting of contracts and elements of services.

  • Constitution before the commercial courts

  • Collection of commercial debts

  • Drafting/dispute on commercial contract

  • Negotiation and drafting of transactional memorandum of understanding

  • Dispute of jurisdiction clause

  • Disputes between partners...

  • Drafting of statutes

  • Holding of general meetings

  • Sale of shares

  • Drafting service contracts...

Contentieux commercial
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