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Who am I ?

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Romain Lehmann is lawyer since 2015.

Committed, of a high quality of written and oral expression, he was elected first secretary of the Eloquence Competition of the Lille Bar Conference in 2016. 

Trained in business law andinsurance, he is also recognized for his interventions in criminal law. 

Committed to the terms of his oath of independence, dignity, conscience, probity and humanity, your lawyer receives you at his premises in Agen and Villeneuve-sur-Lot and practices throughout France, before all jurisdictions. 

My job is to advise you and defend yourself.




Insurance and
civil liability


Commercial litigation


Criminal Law




Speed of execution is essential. 

The firm offers its clients responsiveness, availability and proximity. 


Without independence, there is no trust. 

Discussions with your lawyer are confidential. 


Your lawyer is attentive to your needs. 

I will inform you of the procedure and remain attentive to your observations.  


Your lawyer is attentive to your legal needs, issues and questions.

Romain Lehmann keeps you constantly informed and ensures a personalized follow-up of your file.


Without independence, there is no trust between a lawyer and his client.

Take advantage of confidential discussions with your lawyer.


The speed of execution is an essential data in the processing of the elements that you entrust to our analysis.

The firm offers its customers responsiveness, availability and proximity.



Seized of your interests, the firm regularizes with you a fee agreement by secure electronic signature, which resumes and details the obligations of each of the parties and the terms of our mission :


The services carried out by the firm may be invoiced as follows:

- a fixed amount,

- an hourly rate,

An additional performance fee may also be agreed between us.

The fees are determined according to different criteria:


- your financial and social situation,
- the complexity of the case,

- the costs and time spent on the case. 

It should be specified that the fees are due before the hearing, failing which the lawyer is liable to be released from liability. The hearing is a receipt.

Legal aid and legal protection

The firm can occasionally agree to intervene in legal aid. The costs of the procedure will be borne by the State.

In the same way, you can benefit from legal protection which will cover, totally or partially, the lawyer's fees.

The choice of lawyer is free within the framework of a guarantee of legal protection.

Come visit us in our offices
located in Agen and Villeneuve-sur-Lot

36 Washington Courts

5 BC by Lattre de Tassigny

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